Aug 21, 2014
@ 8:16 am


Aug 21, 2014
@ 8:07 am

Clarity is important to make profits

The second critical piece is targeting and when you have achieve the first one -clarity-, this become more easily to implement. Yes, every business or company want to sell and make profit of what they are offering but what if they are offering their amazing products or services to the the wrong marketplace? Well, it will cost a lot of money, frustration and probably they will not make profits.

We live in a very ego-self centered world, all people just want to be heard, recognized, understood and they want also to receive what they think they need. The mindset you need to tuning here is to find a marketplace big enough that your product will fit well to fulfill your needs.

Therefore is very important to pay attention very carefully to this normally unseen part of the business strategy designing. Targeting is about knowing the market you want to approach, its means: thinking like they do, seeing life like they do and feeling like they do, when you have understand them then you can sell them what they need. Remember: is not about you is about them.

These two pieces of the puzzle will help you move forward with confidence and a route map to design a master piece in your business strategy .

After all business is about being yourself, if you are happy with what you do, if you trust your product, services or whatever you want to offer then you have completed the half already.